The 10 Best iOS Management Games

Project Highrise

Price: $3.99/In-App Purchase: Up to $1.99

Project Highrise is undoubtedly one of the best iOS management games. The game offers an incredibly immersive experience in building and managing a modern skyscraper. As both the architect and developer, your role is pivotal in creating world-famous skyscrapers that’ll impress your city’s residents. The game provides extensive freedom, allowing you to design and manage your skyscraper as you see fit.

One of the game’s standout features is the ability to choose your path. Whether you prefer an exclusive office highrise, luxury apartments, or extravagant penthouses, the choice is yours. With its deep and complex simulation, variety of tenants, and diverse customization options, Project Highrise promises countless hours of strategic fun.

Project Highrise on the App Store

Hay Day

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $39.99

Hay Day is one of the best iOS management games. This delightful farming simulator offers an incredibly engaging and free-to-play experience. You’ll start with a modest farm and gradually expand it into a thriving business. Plant and harvest crops, raise a variety of animals, and trade your produce with neighbors or in the delivery truck market. Hay Day lets you build and customize your farm to your heart’s content, with a wide range of decorations and buildings. Moreover, you can form a neighborhood with other players to trade resources and compete in weekly derbies for rewards.

Hay Day on the App Store

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Fallout Shelter

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $19.99

Fallout Shelter places you in charge of an underground vault in a post-apocalyptic world, making it one of the best iOS management games out there. As the overseer, you’ll have to build and manage your vault, keeping your dwellers safe and happy.

What sets this game apart is the combination of city-building and resource management. You’ll need to provide essential services, protect your vault from threats, and explore the Wasteland for valuable resources. As you progress, you can even play matchmaker and help your Dwellers find love.

Fallout Shelter on the App Store

Airlines Manager: Tycoon 2023

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $22.99

Airlines Manager: Tycoon 2023 is the ultimate game for aviation enthusiasts. In this tycoon simulator, you’ll create and manage your own airline, making critical decisions to become the CEO of the aviation world. Customize your fleet from a wide range of realistic aircraft models and optimize your airline’s network with real-time air traffic control. With over 500 different types of research, you can continually improve your airline’s performance.

Whether you choose to play in Professional AM or Tycoon AM mode, you’ll be faced with various challenges that require your strategic thinking and management skills. As you expand your airline empire, compete with other players, and trade resources, you’ll truly experience the exhilaration of the aviation industry.

Airlines Manager: Tycoon 2023 on the App Store

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FarmVille 3 – Farm Animals 

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $49.99

FarmVille 3 is an exciting farm management game that lets you build and nurture your own slice of country paradise. It’s one of the best iOS management games for those who enjoy the charm of rural life. The game allows you to start your farm from scratch, grow crops, raise adorable animals, and expand your farm to become a successful business. FarmVille 3 offers a wide variety of animals, each providing unique resources, from eggs to milk and more. Players can customize their farm with a diverse selection of decorations, including cute outfits for their animals. Explore new crops, buildings, and services as you progress, making your farm truly one-of-a-kind.

FarmVille 3 – Farm Animals  on the App Store

Game Dev Tycoon

Price: $4.99

Game Dev Tycoon is a top-notch business simulation game that challenges you to become a successful game developer. It’s not only one of the best iOS management games but also a creative journey that lets you design and create your own games. Players can start their game development company in the ’80s and work their way up to become a renowned Game Dev Tycoon. Research new technologies, manage your development team, and gain worldwide fans as you create the next big hit. The game offers a fresh storyline, new topics for game development, and an optional “pirate mode.” Game Dev Tycoon also includes built-in screen recording and streaming support, allowing you to share your creations with the world.

Game Dev Tycoon on the App Store

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SimCity BuildIt

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $99.99

SimCity BuildIt is the perfect choice among the iOS management games. As the mayor, you’ll design and create your own metropolis, making key decisions to ensure your citizens’ happiness and the city’s growth. This city-builder game lets you construct skyscrapers, parks, bridges, and various infrastructures while managing essential services like power plants and police departments. Create different neighborhoods and unlock landmarks inspired by iconic cities worldwide.

SimCity BuildIt on the App Store

Global City: Building Games

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $14.99

Global City is a city-building simulator that stands out with its high-quality graphics and modern designs. It’s among the best iOS management games, offering an immersive experience in constructing a futuristic city with skyscrapers, shopping malls, and more.

In this game, you’ll manage resource production, mine fossil fuels, and produce high-level materials. Trade resources on the exchange and use blueprints to upgrade buildings for even more prosperity. Fulfill quests, earn rewards, and grow your city by making smart choices.

Global City: Building Games on the App Store

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Sea Port: Cargo Ships Harbor

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $19.99

Seaport is a unique ship management and strategy simulator that allows you to build your own city on an island and become a shipping tycoon. Build a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers, parks, and administration buildings. Mine for fossil fuels, produce resources and trade them in exchange. Expand your world by unlocking new geographic regions, each with a unique architectural style, and enhance your city with rivers, lakes, forests, and beachfront properties.

In Seaport, you can also participate in Club Wars, where you’ll compete against other mayors to defend your city and unleash crazy disasters on your opponents. By joining a Mayor’s Club, you can trade supplies, chat with other players, and collaborate to complete your city’s vision.

Sea Port: Cargo Ships Harbor on the App Store

Prison Architect: Mobile

Price: Free/In-App Purchase: Up to $14.99

Prison Architect: Mobile offers a unique twist on management games by allowing you to build and manage a maximum-security prison. If you’re looking for a challenging and engaging experience, it’s one of the best iOS management games to try. As the architect, warden, and enforcer, you’ll be responsible for creating a secure prison environment. Design and manage your prison layout, taking into consideration the needs of your inmates, security concerns, infrastructure, and your budget.

The game offers a captivating story in Campaign Mode, where you’ll learn new prison-building techniques and explore life behind bars through cutscenes and objectives. Additionally, you can unlock more campaign chapters with one-time purchases, adding depth to the gameplay.

Prison Architect: Mobile on the App Store

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