Apple reportedly plans new commissions and rules on sideloaded apps in EU

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to add new commissions and restrictions as it prepares to enable users to download apps from sources other than the App Store. 

The move is part of Apple’s strategy to comply with the European Digital Markets Act, allowing users in Europe to download software onto iPhones without relying solely on the App Store. Meta Platforms, Spotify, and Microsoft are already preparing for the upcoming changes, exploring new options to offer downloads directly. 

Apple’s approach, per the report, will allow for closer oversight of apps downloaded outside the App Store, introducing potential fees for developers and setting the stage for a significant test of the legislation. 

Citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans, as reported by the WSJ, the information indicates that the outlined plans are subject to change. This suggests that Apple may be strategically releasing the news in advance of an official announcement.

As Apple navigates this new regulatory landscape, tensions with app developers may rise, with the company defending its policies for maintaining iPhone security while critics argue against its perceived anticompetitive practices. 

For over a year, Apple has been actively developing its solution to align with the March deadline for adhering to the EU law, sources revealed.

In the previous week, Apple was compelled to carry out a court mandate linked to the antitrust case brought against the company by Fortnite-maker Epic Games. The directive mandates that Apple allows developers to guide their app users to payment systems other than those provided by Apple.

Written by Sophie Blake


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