26 mobile apps join the Billion-Dollar Club in 2023, surpassing previous year’s record

In the dynamic landscape of the global mobile app economy, the year 2023 witnessed an impressive surge as over two dozen apps and games achieved the remarkable milestone of reaching $1 billion in lifetime revenue, according to data.ai.

This accolade places these apps in an elite echelon, solidifying their position in the annals of the industry. Notable names among the triumphant 26 include Audible, ESPN, and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

This achievement reflects a slight uptick from the preceding year, 2022, which saw 23 apps attaining this financial feat. Although it falls just short of the record set in 2021 with 28 apps, the figures underscore the sustained growth and financial success of select mobile apps. The notable spike in 2020, driven by increased consumer spending during the peak of the pandemic, marked a substantial increase compared to previous years, with 21 apps and games surpassing the $1 billion revenue mark, up from just nine the previous year.

It’s worth noting that for Spotify, a portion of its revenue is not processed through app stores and is estimated by data.ai Intelligence. However, this segment alone has now surpassed the $1 billion milestone.

Breaking down the achievements by category, a significant portion of the apps reaching this financial milestone in 2023 belonged to the Sports and Entertainment categories, with each comprising two entries.

In contrast, the previous year (2022) saw three out of the four listed apps falling under the Entertainment category. Examining the gaming landscape, Roleplaying Games (RPGs) emerged as the most prominent category, contributing five out of the 19 titles that achieved the billion-dollar mark, slightly down from the six titles in the previous year. Strategy secured the second spot, with four titles reaching the milestone, mirroring the count from 2022.

Written by Maya Robertson


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