TikTok opens European Transparency and Accountability Centre to address privacy concerns

TikTok announced today that it plans to open a European Transparency and Accountability Centre which will initially operate virtually and later will be at a facility in Ireland next year. The visual tours are expected to be offered from June 2021. 

Once operational, the centre will allow European researchers and policymakers  to see how TikTok teams handle data to keep young users safe, how it moderates content, and how its recommendation technology works. 

“Since we established our presence in Europe, we have been constantly humbled that so many people come to our platform for entertainment and fun. With more than 100 million people across Europe active on TikTok every month, our teams are focused on maintaining their trust and the trust of policymakers and the broader public.” Cormac Keenan, Head of Trust and Safety at TikTok, said in a statement

Last week, Anne Longfield, the former Children’s Commissioner for England, filed a lawsuit at the supreme court on behalf of millions of children in the UK and the European Economic Area who have used TikTok since March 25, 2018.

She said TikTok could face billions of pounds in damages at the London Supreme Court for allegations of illegally collecting private data of millions of European children.

TikTok said the claims lack merit. 

Written by Maya Robertson


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