Pinterest Launches New Personalized Ad Format


Popular social media service Pinterest has added a brand new personalized advertising format named ‘Dynamic Creative’ which will allow advertisers to automate the personalized ad creation and targeting process. 

With ‘Dynamic Creative’, advertisers can now create multiple versions of promoted Pins from their product feeds or uploaded assets. They will also be able to import product details including price, product image, location and etc. 

“Advertisers can now generate multiple versions of new Pins from uploaded assets or a product feed where they can automatically import product data (price, location, availability, etc.). Parts of the Pins will dynamically display creative elements like product images, copy, pricing, etc. which will only be shown to the advertiser’s assigned audiences.” said Pinterest.  “This not only reduces the time and effort required to make custom ads that are relevant to unique groups of consumers, but helps advertisers test and identify which creative elements drive performance.”

Pinterest which surpassed 400 million monthly active users in July 2020, will provide advertisers with ad templates and design tools with which they can build effective Pinterest ads. 

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The company has partnered with, RevJet and StitcherAds to provide advertisers with templates and design tools.  

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Written by Maya Robertson


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