Google Play Games on PC expands to over 60 new markets including India

Image Source: Google Blog Australia

Google is expanding the beta version of its Google Play Games on PC program to more than 60 new markets including India, Argentina and South Africa, to allow users to play popular Android games on their Windows devices.

The tech giant first launched the initial beta of the service in South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong in January 2022, expanded it to Australia and Thailand in August, and to Europe and Japan earlier this year.

With the latest expansion, the service is now available in a total of 120 markets, and has gained new titles like “Ludo King” and “Hitwicket Games’’.

How to play Google Play Games on PC

In order to play Google Play games on your personal computer, you first need to make sure that the service is available in your country. 

If you’re in one of the supported markets, you can download the beta version of the service from this page. After downloading it, you can start using the service with your personal Google Account. The Android-maker notes that some countries or regions may require an age verification process.

To play mobile games on your PC through the service, your device needs to run Windows 10, have 10GB free storage, 8GB RAM, 4 CPU physical cores, as well as Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU or comparable.

The service also requires a Windows admin account, and users need to turn on hardware virtualization.

Written by Tuna Cetin


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