The 11 Best Superhero Games

Wouldn’t you like to experience the life of these superheroes whose movies you’ve watched, whose comics and books you’ve read? Here are the best superhero games where you can go on an adventurous journey and save the planet from the bad guys.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

The game, which is the current version of Fate of Two Worlds, features iconic Marvel and Capcom characters. After personalizing your team and gaining experience with the heroes and ambassadors mode, you can say hello to online challenges.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 on Steam

X-Man Origins: Wolverine

X-Man Origins: Wolverine, the game world equivalent of 2009’s Wolverine, managed to stay true to the theme of the movie and became one of the best superhero games. The voices of the movie heroes also add a different depth to the game.

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inFamous 2

InFamous 2, an action adventure game published by Sony Computer Entertainment, is very popular in the gamer world. The game, which was first published in 2011, handles both the beautiful and difficult aspects of being a superhero in a very realistic way. A must-try for adventure lovers.

Marvel’s Avengers

Affiliated with the superhero team of the Marvel team, Avengers is among the best superhero games with its adventure and exciting adventures. Marvel’s Avengers, an epic hero game, offers an adventurous and epic viewing pleasure. Not to mention customizable items and unique playstyle for each hero!

Batman Arkham Knight

The series, which brought awards to Rocksteady Studios, was released in 2015, bringing a new breath to action and adventure genre games. The game, which was very popular in a short time, also managed to become one of the most favorite games of gamers. Is there anything like jumping in a Batmobile and fighting evil on the streets of Gotham!

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Featuring over 100 superheroes, the Lego game is perfect for gamers who want to look at the Marvel universe from a broad perspective. It should be noted that the game remains faithful to the stories of the Marvel heroes we know closely.

The Punisher

The action and adventure game The Punisher, published by THQ, is among the most successful examples of shooter games. The risky and passionate adventure of FBI agent Frank Castle, whose family was murdered, will open the doors to a completely different world for you!

Guardians of the Galaxy

The game, made in 2021, manages to become one of the best superhero games for gamers with its striking story and fluid game mode. In the game you play as Star-Lord, you and the Guardians of the Galaxy team are dragged into an adventure that is as fantastic as the movies.

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Viewtiful Joe

In Viewful Joe, the fantastic characters created by Japanese designer Hideki Kamiya were turned into a great game with the collaboration of Capcom and Clover Studio and presented to the gamers.

Injustice 2

Developed by NetherRealm and published by Warner Bros., Injustice 2 is one of the fighting games that salutes the planet DC. One of the favorites of gamers, the game manages to offer a fantastic and epic experience every time with the depth of moves it offers.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

The game, which opens the doors of the Marvel Universe to gamers who want to have an authentic Spider-Man experience in collaboration with Sony Interactive, stands out as one of the most successful examples of its kind. Adventure-filled experiences await you in the world of Spider-Man, who carries the burden of the people of New York as well as his chaotic private life!

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