The 6 Best NDS Emulators for Android

Nintendo DS, with its innovative dual-screen design and an extensive library of iconic games, holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers. Fortunately, Android users can relive the magic of NDS titles through dedicated emulators, bringing a wave of nostalgia to their mobile devices. In this article, we delve into the best NDS emulators for Android, exploring the features, advantages, and some notable options for those eager to replay their favorite Nintendo DS classics on the go.

Understanding NDS Emulators

NDS emulators for Android function as software that replicates the Nintendo DS console environment, allowing users to play NDS games on their smartphones or tablets. These emulators transform the Android device into a virtual Nintendo DS console, complete with touch controls and other features to mimic the original gaming experience.

The Best NDS Emulators for Android

DraStic DS Emulator

Price: $4.99

DraStic DS Emulator stands out as a pinnacle in the world of Android emulation, offering users an unparalleled experience in reliving the cherished Nintendo DS titles on their mobile devices. Developed by Exophase, this emulator distinguishes itself with its remarkable speed, high-quality graphics rendering, and an extensive set of features that contribute to a seamless gaming experience.

DraStic supports a wide array of NDS games, ensuring compatibility with various titles from the Nintendo DS library. One of its standout features is the ability to customize controls, allowing users to adapt the layout to their preferences for each game. The emulator also supports fast emulation and high performance, ensuring smooth gameplay even on a range of Android devices. DraStic further enhances the nostalgia trip with its support for save states, enabling users to save and resume their progress at any point in the game.

With its attention to detail, robust performance, and continuous updates, DraStic DS Emulator remains a go-to choice for Android users eager to embark on a nostalgic journey through the world of Nintendo DS gaming.

DraStic DS Emulator on Google Play

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RetroArch Plus

Price: Free

Utilizing a powerful development interface called Libretro, RetroArch Plus is an open-source emulator app. The app has an interface and different menus that allow you to make cross-platform apps. Users can scan the files, add them to the game system collection, and can view the database information about the games. Users can update everything with the online updater in the app.

Additionally, RetroArch Plus offers cheats, controls remapping, and built-in input remapping, and the app is one of the best NDS emulators for Android. The app comes with multi-language support and provides shaders and skins support. RetroArch Plus has no DRM, push ads, or spying. For more information, you can visit the app’s website.

RetroArch Plus on Google Play


Price: Free

EmuBox has earned its place among the best NDS emulators for Android with its user-friendly design, reliability, and diverse feature set. This emulator, which supports multiple gaming consoles, stands out for its efficiency in emulating Nintendo DS games on Android devices.

EmuBox excels in providing a straightforward and intuitive interface, making it accessible for users of all technical backgrounds. The emulator supports a wide array of NDS titles, delivering smooth gameplay and graphics rendering. EmuBox’s customization options, including adjustable controls and layout, contribute to a personalized gaming experience. Additionally, the emulator supports fast forward, save states, and external controller compatibility, enhancing the overall gameplay flexibility. Its stability, compatibility, and commitment to simplicity make EmuBox a compelling choice for Android users seeking a reliable and hassle-free NDS emulation experience on their mobile devices.

EmuBox on Google Play

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Price: Free

NDS4Droid offers users a reliable and accessible platform to indulge in the Nintendo DS gaming experience on their mobile devices. This open-source emulator has gained popularity for its commitment to compatibility and stability. While it may not boast as many advanced features as some counterparts, NDS4Droid shines in its simplicity and straightforward functionality. The emulator effectively runs a variety of NDS games, delivering a decent balance of performance and graphic rendering on a diverse range of Android devices.

Its open-source nature also invites contributions from the community, fostering ongoing improvements and updates. NDS4Droid caters to users who appreciate a reliable, no-frills approach to NDS emulation, making it a commendable choice for those seeking a straightforward and effective solution for reliving Nintendo DS classics on their Android smartphones or tablets.

NDS4Droid on Google Play

SuperNDS Emulator

Price: Free

SuperNDS Emulator is designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable Nintendo DS gaming experience on Android devices. SuperNDS excels in its ability to efficiently emulate a wide variety of NDS games, offering smooth gameplay and high-quality graphics rendering. Its intuitive interface enhances user accessibility, making it suitable for both seasoned emulator enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

The emulator supports customizable controls, enabling users to tailor their gaming experience to match their preferences. SuperNDS also incorporates features such as fast forward, external controller compatibility, and save states, adding versatility to the overall gaming experience. With its commitment to stability, regular updates, and a diverse set of features, SuperNDS Emulator stands as a top choice for Android users looking to relive the magic of Nintendo DS classics on their mobile devices.

SuperNDS on Google Play

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Price: Free

Lemuroid which is an open-source emulator is an app based on Libretro. The app works on a wide variety of devices, from phones to TVs, and deserves to be among the best Nintendo DS emulators for Android. Lemuroid which is completely free and ad-free comes with the ability to automatically save and restore game states.

In addition, the app allows scanning and indexing ROMs. Users can experience the optimized touch controls with Lemuroid and make touch control customization. Lemuroid provides a game controller and fast-forward support.

Lemuroid on Google Play

NDS emulators for Android open up a realm of possibilities for gamers seeking to revisit classic Nintendo DS titles. Whether you’re a veteran fan of the DS or a newcomer exploring its extensive game library, these best NDS emulators for Android offer a convenient and portable way to experience the magic of Nintendo DS gaming on your Android device. As technology continues to evolve, the emulation community remains dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich gaming history encapsulated within Nintendo DS titles, ensuring that the legacy lives on for a new generation of players.

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