Warner Bros. Discovery launches first-party data platform Olli

Warner Bros. Discovery is making significant strides in enhancing its advertising capabilities with the launch of its proprietary first-party data platform, Olli, alongside the introduction of a new Data-Driven Video offering. Olli, derived from direct consumer relationships from over 100 million households and 700 million devices across the U.S., aims to empower advertisers with more efficient campaign creation and targeting capabilities. By harnessing first-party data from active users, Olli constructs detailed audience profiles for precise targeting and campaign optimization, promising a more personalized advertising experience.

Partnerships with leading companies like OMG, RPA, and Wayfair underscore the industry’s interest in Warner Bros. Discovery’s Data-Driven Video solution. IPG Mediabrands is set to begin testing Olli in the third quarter of this year, demonstrating the platform’s appeal and potential impact on the advertising landscape. Amidst ongoing discussions about the future of cookies in digital advertising, Warner Bros. Discovery’s proactive approach positions it as a frontrunner in embracing first-party data solutions and adapting to the evolving advertising ecosystem.

Olli’s integration with Warner Bros. Discovery’s first-party audience data provides unified planning across its extensive portfolio, encompassing renowned brands such as HBO and Max, Discovery+, CNN, TNT Sports, and more. With data clean room solutions from Snowflake ensuring privacy compliance and data security, Olli promises advertisers a comprehensive and secure environment for campaign execution. Measurement partners like ABCS Insights and LoopMe further enhance the platform’s capabilities, enabling robust analytics and optimization for advertisers.

At the core of Warner Bros. Discovery’s Data-Driven Video offering, Olli serves as the engine driving audience identification and connection across various endpoints. Innovative features such as excluding heavy linear TV viewers early in the planning process and in-flight optimization underscore the platform’s commitment to maximizing advertising effectiveness and efficiency. Ryan Gould, head of digital ad sales at Warner Bros. Discovery, expressed confidence in the offering’s early success and its potential to revolutionize advertising strategies for brands.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s launch of Olli mirrors a broader trend in the media industry, where conglomerates are investing heavily in first-party data infrastructure to attract advertisers. Competitors like NBCUniversal and Disney have already made significant strides with their respective first-party data initiatives, recognizing the importance of data-driven advertising in a post-cookie world. Olli’s introduction signals a collective industry acknowledgment of the impending cookie-less future and the need for proactive solutions to navigate this shift successfully.

While Google’s recent announcement of delaying the deprecation of the web tracker in Chrome may offer temporary relief, it underscores the ongoing challenges and uncertainties surrounding the future of cookies. Despite the setback, industry players like Warner Bros. Discovery are forging ahead with their data-driven strategies, confident in the long-term viability of first-party data solutions. As advertisers and publishers brace for a cookie-less digital advertising landscape, platforms like Olli offer a glimpse into the future of targeted, privacy-conscious advertising.

Written by Maya Robertson


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