LinkedIn’s AI-powered campaign tool Accelerate is slated for a global rollout by early fall

According to a recent report by Digiday, Accelerate, LinkedIn’s AI-powered campaign tool, will globally be available to all advertisers by early fall. 

Initially introduced quietly in October 2023 to a select group of North American advertisers, Accelerate has since expanded its reach. Tom Pepper, senior director of EMEA and LATAM at LinkedIn, revealed during the recent Cannes Lions conference that the tool has already achieved a 50% global rollout in its beta phase. 

Accelerate leverages AI algorithms to analyze a marketer’s product URL, their company’s LinkedIn page, and existing LinkedIn ad accounts. This analysis enables the tool to recommend an end-to-end campaign strategy tailored to reach the optimal B2B audience. The process is designed to be intuitive and efficient, allowing marketers to make necessary adjustments to campaign elements like copy, imagery, and targeting parameters before launching.

According to Pepper, Accelerate empowers marketers by automating the campaign creation process and providing robust targeting capabilities, creative suggestions, and performance optimization measures—all within minutes. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also ensures that campaigns are launched with precision and efficacy, complete with comprehensive reporting ready for stakeholder review.

In addition to its AI-driven insights, Accelerate integrates Microsoft Designer functionality, enabling advertisers to refine creatives and further customize targeting criteria. This integration enhances the tool’s versatility, catering to diverse marketing objectives and ensuring that campaigns are both compelling and strategically aligned with business goals.

Despite its promising capabilities, Accelerate initially faced limitations during its early rollout, as noted by a U.S.-based ad agency working closely with LinkedIn. These constraints included restricted options for campaign objectives and targeting specificity, which deterred some clients from fully adopting the tool at its inception. However, recent updates and expansions have addressed many of these concerns, prompting a renewed interest among advertisers looking to leverage LinkedIn’s expansive user base more effectively.

Lindsey Edwards, VP of Product Management at LinkedIn, highlighted the tool’s impact on campaign efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a recent LinkedIn article. She noted that advertisers using Accelerate have reported creating campaigns 15% more efficiently, with a 52% lower cost per action compared to traditional methods. These metrics underscore Accelerate’s potential to deliver tangible results and ROI improvements, making it a compelling choice for marketers navigating the complexities of digital advertising.

Written by Maya Robertson


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