Google changes the name ‘In-Stream’ to ‘Skippable Ads’

Google has announced that In-Stream Ads will now be referred to as Skippable Ads. This update was communicated through a recent blog post and an email sent to buyers, as reported by Adweek. It is stated that the change will not impact on campaign or management procedures and is intended to give a more detailed description of the ad format.

 According to YouTube:

“To more accurately describe the ad format, the YouTube ad format “in-stream ads” is now named “skippable ads”  throughout Display & Video 360. There are no campaign creation or management workflow changes as a result of this naming update, but we recommend making sure your teams are aware of the new names.”

It’s worth noting that Adalytics, an ad intelligence provider, published a report in June indicating that about 75% of the ads purchased through Google’s TrueView video campaign were displayed on platforms that did not meet the established standards for TrueView ad placement. 

Particularly, Adalytics highlighted that a majority of in-stream ads obtained through this method were ultimately shown in a muted and auto-playing manner, either as out-stream video or on external sites with concealed video players.

While the actual motivation might be different, it is intriguing that they are renaming the exact format that faced scrutiny. However, this has no impact on the Adalytics report’s main conclusions. An ongoing class action lawsuit is centered on this report, and if successful, it might result in significant payouts to Google. 

Despite this, it’s still worth thinking about the renaming, especially for those who will be in charge of overseeing TrueView campaigns in the future. 

Google has been busy with ads over the last few months. Gannett sued Google over alleged monopolization of ad-tech markets and just a couple of days before that, the EU said it should break up its ad business

Written by Gizem Yılmaz


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