Epic Won’t Hold In-Person Fortnite Tournaments In 2021 Due To COVID-19

Image Source: Epic Games

Epic Games has released an article and announced that it will not hold any in-person Fortnite events in 2021, including a Fortnite World Cup, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

”Our intent is to eventually hold global in-person tournaments again, but our priority for any such event is the health and safety of our players and staff.” said the company in the article. ”With so much still unknown about what is practical and safe, we do not plan to hold in-person events in  2021, including a Fortnite World Cup.”

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However, Epic said that it will continue holding online tournaments throughout 2021 hoping that physical events, in some form, can return at some point in the future.

The U.S. based video game giant also confirmed that FNCS (Fortnite Competitive Series) will continue throughout the next year. Chapter 2 – Season 5 FNCS is planned to take place on February 4th and Epic is

Written by Maya Robertson


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