Developers can now use custom product pages in Apple Search Ads

Apple recently announced that developers can now promote their apps in the App Store with custom product pages via Apple Search Ads. The new integration enables developers to create tailored ad variations on the App Store. 

“With custom product pages, you can create up to 35 additional versions of your App Store product page to showcase different app features, content, or promotions. And now, new seamless integration with Apple Search Ads lets you easily use these pages to create tailored ad variations on the App Store, “ Apple said in a statement

Rolled out in December, custom product pages can have different screenshots, app previews, and promotional text — and are fully localizable. With the new integration with Apple Search Ads, developers will be able to show different versions of the same app ad with alternate screenshots or videos.

Custom product pages are now available to select right from your Apple Search Ads account, letting you create more relevant ads for different audiences.

If you want to learn more about how to use the new integration, you can check out Custom Product Pages and Apple Search Ads on the Apple Developer website.

Written by Maya Robertson


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