The 16 Most Anticipated Games of 2023

Although 2022 was a year overshadowed by news of postponement and technical disruptions, it also hosted good productions. Likewise, in 2023, we will encounter many huge productions such as Alan Wake II, Starfield, Resident Evil 4 and Lies of P. In this list, we have brought together the most anticipated games of 2023. If you’re ready, let’s start!

The Most Anticipated Games of 2023

Black Myth: Wukong

Release Date: 2023

Black Myth: Wukong, which is being developed by a Chinese game company, is actually a production that we have been following for a long time. Using the Unreal Engine 5, the game manages to fascinate the audience both with its eye-catching graphics and gameplay. The production, which is expected to be released in 2023, seems to have a very wide range in terms of enemy diversity.

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Lies of P

Release Date: 2023

The production, which is reminiscent of a spiritual Bloodborne game with its world and gameplay, seems to be a production that can extinguish the longing for Bloodborne, which we have been waiting for years for the PC side. Lies of P, which takes place in the Pinocchio universe and describes this universe with its darkest side, will also offer a lot of options in terms of gameplay diversity, although it is not visible in its videos.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Release Date: 2023

Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which we will play as Basim, whom we first met in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, will take place in Baghdad of the ninth century. The game, which will tell how Basim turned into an assassin from a simple person, will serve as an intermediate game that will take the series to its roots for a short time.

The Lords of the Fallen

Release Date: 2023

The Lords of the Fallen, which fascinates the audience with its surprise trailer, will be a “reboot” compared to the other game of the same name, that is, a new start to the series. The soulslike game, which will tell a very different story than the first game, has already taken its place on our wish lists.

The Wolf Among Us 2

Release Date: 2023

Telltale Games, which declared bankruptcy in the past years, was reborn from its ashes and re-established after a different company bought the rights. Despite this, the company, which consists of more than 50% former Telltale employees, continues to develop The Wolf Among Us 2 at full speed. The game, which will be the continuation of the gripping story of Bigby and his friends, is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. 

Dead Space Remake

Release Date: January 27

We have known for a while that a remake of the beloved series Dead Space is coming for those who love horror and survival games. We know that serious improvements have been made in the design and atmosphere of the game, which was announced to meet with gamers on January 27.

Hogwarts Legacy

Release Date: February 10

Hogwarts Legacy, a huge budget open world game set in Hogwarts, which has been the dreams of millions of Harry Potter lovers for years, is finally coming true. The production, where we will train at the famous Hogwarts and experience the world of Harry Potter to the end, will be released on February 10.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Release Date: March 17

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which is being developed by Electronic Arts’ Respawn team, is quite ambitious about being one of the best quality Star Wars games ever. The game will take place exactly five years after Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and will have a much darker theme than the first game. 

We will encounter a much more experienced and advanced Cal Kestis, and we will enter the galaxy in a time of darkness. We’ll face tougher foes and witness Cal’s struggle to survive in this darkening galaxy. Together with Cal Kestis, who has no longer been a Padawan and has turned into a Jedi Knight, we will also travel to wild planets in the remote corners of the Star Wars universe, trying to maintain our hope as one of the last Jedi left in the galaxy.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake

Release Date: March 24

It has emerged in the past months that preparations for the remake version of the 4th game of Resident Evil, one of the legendary game series for horror game lovers, met with the players in 2005. It is clearly seen in the Resident Evil 4 Remake gameplay video that CAPCOM will not surprise us again in terms of the graphics of the game. We will experience the story of Leon rescuing the president’s kidnapped daughter from the devastated villages of Europe 6 years after the events in Raccoon City, with enhanced graphics and modernized gameplay. Resident Evil 4 Remake is absolutely one of the most anticipated games of 2023 with its graphics and story. 

Dead Island 2

Release Date: April 28

It looks like we will finally meet Dead Island 2, which is expected to be released on April 28, 2023, after all these years. The game, which reappears with a trailer showing its brutal and diverse gameplay, adorns the dreams of many gamers.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Release Date: May 12

Tears of the Kingdom, the sequel to the open world epic The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will meet players in May 2023, if there is no further delay.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Release Date: May 26

Set in the DC universe, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was first announced about two years ago, at DC’s FanDome event in August 2020. As Suicide Squad members such as Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, King Shark and Deadshot, we will be able to chase the rebellious members of the Justice League in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which will be exclusive to the next generation console platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Diablo IV

Release Date: June 6

Blizzard, one of the companies that is known with great respect in the game world, has recently lost its old popularity and started to not satisfy the players. We can say that the company, which will have to win back the hearts of the players, especially after the serious criticisms of Diablo Immortal, gives a lot of confidence with Diablo IV. In 2023, we can have the Diablo experience that we miss in a much more advanced way.

Final Fantasy XVI

Release Date: June 22

Final Fantasy XVI will take place in a land called Valisthea, covered with sparkling crystal mountains called Mother Crystals. The country has witnessed many wars for the Mother Crystals in the past, and in these wars the nations of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Sanbreque Empire, the Kingdom of Waloed, the Dhalmekian Republic and the Iron Kingdom had the opportunity to rise. After the wars, a reluctant peace was made between the nations, but this peace is broken with the emergence of Blight.


Release Date: H1 2023

Starfield, briefly described by the Bethesda team as “Skyrim set in space”, seems more ambitious than ever before. Starfield, which we think will be one of the most unforgettable experiences for anyone looking for a pure role-playing experience that can be buried for hundreds of hours, will undoubtedly be one of the most ambitious names of the year.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 

Release Date: Fall 2023

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, one of the most anticipated games of 2023, players will not only take on the roles of Peter Parker and Miles Morales, but villains such as Harry Osborn, Venom, and Kraven the Hunter establish an engaging narrative.

Written by Jordan Bevan


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