MAG Interactive Triumphs: Wordzee Marketing Propels Company to Record-Breaking Year

In a spectacular crescendo to 2023, mobile games developer MAG Interactive, renowned for its captivating word and trivia games, has etched its name in the annals of success. The annual financial report for MAG Interactive serves as a testament to the remarkable impact of strategic marketing efforts, particularly for the stellar Wordzee.

Key Highlights:

Exponential Growth

MAG Interactive’s extensive portfolio, featuring chart-toppers like Primetime, Word Mansion, Word Domination, and the standout Wordzee, has garnered a staggering 350 million downloads. The year witnessed the addition of eight million new installs, captivating 13 million unique players across a global landscape spanning 195 countries. Astonishingly, these avid players collectively immersed themselves in the MAG catalogue for an impressive 308 million hours.

Financial Triumph

MAG’s financial prowess reached new heights, with net sales for 2022/23 experiencing a formidable 10% surge compared to the previous fiscal year. This exceptional growth propelled 2023 into MAG’s most prosperous year on record, fueled by a rise in revenue per active user from $0.062 to $0.074 over the past year.

Global Dominance

MAG Interactive’s revenue surge of SEK 362 million ($34.6 million) was significantly influenced by the unwavering support of its US fanbase, claiming 42% of the market revenue. Germany followed as the second-largest contributor with 24%, while the Swedish market secured the third spot at 6%. Despite the US market’s spending standing as the highest, it notably surpassed proportional levels, accounting for only 20% of downloads.

Quarterly Performance

MAG’s quarterly breakdown presents intriguing dynamics, witnessing a decline from SEK 97.3 million ($9.3 million) in Q1 to SEK 80.1 million ($7.7 million) in Q4. This departure from the previous year’s trend is a curious inversion, yet the overall robust performance in H1 shattered revenue records for MAG, outshining the comparative H2 results.

Marketing Triumphs

Increased marketing efforts, particularly for Wordzee, the flagship revenue-earning game of the year, played a pivotal role in MAG’s unparalleled growth. The celebration of QuizDuel’s 10th anniversary further added to the company’s triumph.

Gender Diversity

MAG’s player base exhibited a balanced gender distribution, with a 62% male audience and a 38% female audience.

MAG CEO Daniel Hasselberg, marking a decade in the role, expressed pride in the company’s consistent profitability. Looking ahead, the ambitious goal is to propel revenues to 500 MSEK per year, achieving a coveted EBIT margin of 20%. With an unwavering focus on user acquisition investments, MAG Interactive is poised for sustained success, cementing its status as an industry trailblazer.

Written by Maya Robertson


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