Google Voice to warn users about suspected spam calls

Image Credits: Google Workspace Updates

Google announced on Thursday that its telephone service Google Voice will now show users a “suspected spam caller” label when they receive a call that it thinks could be spam.

In its announcement post, the company said that the new label will be shown on both the call screen and the call history of the user. When you receive the warning, you’ll be able to either confirm that it is a spam call, or label it as non-spam.

If you choose the first option, future calls from that number will be directed to your voicemail and call history entries will be transferred to the spam folder. In the second scenario, Google Voice will never display the label for that number again.

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Google said that it’s started rolling out the new label on Thursday and it could take up to 15 days for feature visibility.

If you want to receive the “suspected spam caller” label, you’ll need to turn off the Filter Spam option on your device by heading to Settings > Security > Filter spam, the company added.

Written by Sophie Blake


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