Dating Apps & Mobile Marketing – A Match Made in Heaven

Mobile apps have changed the way people interact with one another by altering the path of meeting new friends and in the dating scene, potential mates. Dating apps have contributed to reshaping the societal framework around finding a partner, providing a plethora of different experiences depending on what a user is looking for. From playful designs that have users picking from a list of candidates, to more serious platforms that promise to find true love – mobile has reshaped the way the dating world behaves.

Although there is often a societal stigma accompanying dating apps, the dating app market is growing rapidly and attracting younger and older audiences alike. With such a large market of dating apps, how do developers get their apps noticed by new users interested in finding love? With thousands of apps available, and only a few major players monopolizing the market, do you even have a chance? Well… yes.

In order to compete in the App Store and Google Play Store, dating app developers need to utilize App Store Optimization to transition from an obscure dating app to a top charting cupid.

Dating Apps – The Current Landscape

While the dating app market has been consistently dominated by a certain fiery figurine, the apps that follow have closely competed for attention throughout the years. A recent 2023 study by Pew Research highlights the share of dating app usage among the major players, curiously noting the not-so-vast difference between some apps and possibly acting as a beacon of opportunity for aspiring newcomers in the market.

Dating apps have become increasingly popular among younger audiences largely due to the fact they have incorporated game-like features such as swiping left or right. Additionally, in-app rewards and promises of a more exclusive experience through different tiers keep users hooked, increasing retention, and contributing to app growth.

This gamified structure and increased engagement ultimately led to industry giants like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge raking in over $117 million together.

App Store Optimization for Dating Apps

With the astronomical revenue surrounding dating apps, new developers will undoubtedly ask the question, “How can my dating app get noticed?”

App Store Optimization for Dating Apps is the great equalizer for smaller developers and those looking to break into a saturated market. Developers can implement ASO best practices by analyzing competitors, optimizing their metadata, and refining their creatives. Approaching mobile marketing this way helps form the foundation for a long-term app marketing strategy that lays the groundwork for additional advertising initiatives and sets the stage for continued growth.

Optimizing Dating App Metadata

To determine how to get started on ASO marketing, developers want to begin with the right ASO tools in hand that allow them to identify winning strategies of the current landscape. This starts with comparing the best-performing apps and closely related competitors.

Broad terms targeting dating as a whole can be seen across large competitors. Keywords such as “dating” “chat”, or “meet people” are prevalent in the app store metadata of category giants. These terms help to build relevance in the general dating category.

To attract the right users developers should also consider including keywords that closely relate to their app’s specific feature set or demographic. This approach can help a developer rank for terms that have less competition while also targeting users who are looking for unique features that an app might have.

For example, while the term “dating” should be included, it shouldn’t be solely relied upon to attract potential users as it is too broad. A supporting term or long tail keyword like “LGBTQ+ dating” can help classify the app further and attract the intended demographic for that app.

Optimizing Dating App Creatives

When it comes to optimizing dating apps, developers need to sell their app and prove why it is better than all other competitors. Showing the app’s UI/UX helps create a visual preview for the audience and showcases relevant features the audience might be interested in. Developers can go one step further and design creatives that show real people interacting, through chats and matches.

It’s important to think, “What does my ideal customer want and how can I display that through my creatives?” Maybe it’s a matchmaking story you can tell through creatives, or maybe it’s highlighting the most popular features among your existing audience to attract more users. Figure out what works by continuously optimizing your creatives and examining metrics after each app iteration.

Dating App Optimization

App store optimization is the foundation for any mobile app marketing plan, laying the groundwork for increased visibility and downloads. For dating apps, it is no different. Considering the plethora of competitors inhabiting the dating app market, few other categories require such nuanced analysis when it comes to determining the keywords, creatives, and overall positioning of the app.

By adopting ASO best practices developers can highlight their unique dating app and help users find love in a way even Cupid would envy.

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