CyberAgent to acquire NitroPlus for $104 million

CyberAgent has announced the acquisition of visual novel game developer NitroPlus for ¥16.7 billion ($104.1 million). The acquisition aims to enhance CyberAgent’s global entertainment footprint by leveraging NitroPlus’s extensive multimedia expertise.

NitroPlus, renowned for its diverse content across various entertainment mediums including games, animation, novels, and illustrations, will become a subsidiary of CyberAgent. The acquisition is set to close on July 1st, 2024. NitroPlus’s most notable intellectual property, the free-to-play collectible card game Touken Ranbu, highlights its prowess in creating engaging and popular content.

CyberAgent has expressed its intention to support NitroPlus in expanding its IP-related business on a global scale, while also fostering the development of new and innovative content. The multimedia activities of NitroPlus are expected to significantly bolster CyberAgent’s own global entertainment ambitions, integrating NitroPlus’s creative strengths with CyberAgent’s robust market presence.

Following the acquisition, NitroPlus will retain its brand name and current leadership, ensuring continuity in its creative vision and operational approach. Takashi Kosaka, President of NitroPlus, emphasized the importance of this new partnership in advancing the company’s production capabilities. “With the new structure with CyberAgent, I will focus even more on content production and shift up the gears of production at NitroPlus so that we can create more groundbreaking content,” Kosaka stated. He also highlighted the potential for Japanese content to reach a broader international audience, facilitated by CyberAgent’s support.

Susumu Fujita, President and CEO of CyberAgent, acknowledged the unique value that NitroPlus brings to the table. “NitroPlus has a deep knowledge and love for content, and the power to materialize it. They have something we don’t have, and the value of their organization and brand is very high, so I think they’re truly valuable,” said Fujita. He expressed confidence that the collaboration would improve the quality of NitroPlus’s distinctive works and propel them onto the global stage.

The acquisition of NitroPlus by CyberAgent represents a strategic alignment of two influential entities within the digital and entertainment sectors. By combining NitroPlus’s creative expertise with CyberAgent’s expansive reach and resources, the partnership aims to set new standards in global content production and distribution. This move not only reinforces CyberAgent’s commitment to innovation but also promises exciting developments for fans of NitroPlus’s unique and beloved IPs.

Written by Sophie Blake


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