Audiomob partners with Voodoo for audio ads

Image Credit: Audiomob

Audiomob has formed an exclusive partnership with Voodoo, a leading mobile game publisher. Voodoo, known for its extensive catalog of apps and games with over seven billion downloads, has selected Audiomob as its sole audio ad partner for the top 50% of its ad inventory. The strategic partnership aims to seamlessly integrate skippable and rewarded audio ads into Voodoo’s most popular titles, providing an enriched gaming experience that benefits both players and advertisers.

Audiomob’s audio ads are designed to be non-intrusive, ensuring that players can enjoy their gaming experience without interruption. Founded in 2020, the company has quickly grown to work with over 80 game developers, integrating its ads into 46 Voodoo games. The company’s patented volume detection technology, applicable on both iOS and Android, sets it apart in the ad tech space. With offices in London and New York, and a team of engineers in the United Arab Emirates, Audiomob is well-positioned to expand its reach.

Wilfrid Obeng, co-founder and CTO of Audiomob, shared insights with on how their innovative audio ads technology enhances the gaming experience by integrating advertisements seamlessly during gameplay. This approach ensures continuous play without visual interruptions, providing a significantly “less intrusive experience” for users.

“Audio ads offer a unique way for developers to monetize their games and apps without disrupting the user experience,” Obeng explained. “Unlike traditional ads that can interrupt gameplay, audio ads allow players to continue enjoying their game while still engaging with advertisements.”

Obeng emphasized that integrating audio ads does not negatively impact user retention. “Our data indicates no retention damage when audio ads are incorporated into mobile games and apps,” he noted. This suggests that players are more likely to stay engaged with games that use non-intrusive ad formats.

“Our technology detects whether the device volume is above a 10% threshold,” Obeng said. “Our data shows that over 75% of users have their volume set above this threshold, which means the majority of users can be monetized effectively.”

Written by Jordan Bevan


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