Shopsense AI partners with Magnite to add programmatic advertising to its retail media platform

Shopsense AI and Paramount are elevating their advertising game by welcoming Magnite as an SSP partner. Traditionally, ad placements through Shopsense and Paramount were exclusively accessible via direct deals. However, with the integration of Magnite, these coveted product placements will now be open to programmatic buyers for the very first time.

The partnership aims to revolutionize programmatic advertising across Shopsense’s retail media platform, integrating brands into the shopping experience inspired by TV shows, movies, sports, and live events.

Leo O’Connor, SVP Advertising at Paramount Global, expresses the intrinsic link between content consumption and shopping behavior. Paramount Global recognizes the influential power of its content in sparking consumer interest and acknowledges the importance of simplifying the path to purchase. By curating content-driven storefronts accessible programmatically, Paramount Global aims to enhance the shopping journey for its viewers while providing advertisers with a streamlined approach to connect with consumers.

As the landscape of brand and performance buying evolves, the demand for cohesive media plans that cater to the entire consumer funnel intensifies. TV broadcasters leveraging Shopsense’s retail media platform leverage viewers’ undivided attention across multiple screens, optimizing exposure, consideration, and conversion for sponsors. The programmatic availability of retail media storefronts streamlines the planning, activation, and measurement process for brand and performance buyers, facilitating seamless coordination across preferred DSPs.

Bryan Quinn, President & Co-Founder of Shopsense AI, highlights the transformative potential of the partnership. By enabling brands to integrate their preferred programmatic advertising strategies into the shopping journey, Shopsense empowers advertisers to engage with consumers during critical decision-making moments. Magnite’s flexible technology and extensive demand-side partnerships make it an ideal launch partner, facilitating seamless collaboration with advertisers and retail media agencies while ensuring compatibility with preferred DSPs and measurement providers.

Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer at Magnite, underscores the immense opportunity presented by the burgeoning retail media landscape. With U.S. retail media budgets projected to double within the next three years, the partnership between Shopsense AI and Magnite is poised to capitalize on this exponential growth. By leveraging Magnite’s advanced targeting and measurement capabilities, advertisers can effectively navigate the retail media space, overcoming previous challenges associated with non-standard formats and limited DSP options.

Written by Maya Robertson


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