Developer explains how he got rejected from Apple’s App Store Small Business Program

Back in November, Apple announced a Small Business Program that lowers App Store fees to 15% for app developers and small businesses earning less than $1 million per year. The enrollment for the App Store Small Business Program started in December and the program launched on January 1, 2021. 

However, developer Sean Harding shared his story on Twitter on Wednesday about how he got rejected from this program despite being an independent, small developer.

Harding, who has been developing iOS apps independently for a while, decided to “get more serious” in his own words about his apps last year. He started a small private company (LLC) and created a new developer account at Apple Developer.

However, fearing that he was having difficulty participating in the App Store Small Business Program due to app transfer, he contacted Apple Support for further clarification. Apple did not answer their questions correctly.

Apple also said they would not be able to guarantee his eligibility for the program if you do pursue the app transfer. 

Unfortunately, after the transfer was complete, Apple rejected Harding’s apps for the App Store Small Business Program due to his apps being transferred from one account to another.

Sean says that it’s his fault for forging ahead with transfer in the fate of the ambiguity but he also argues that Apple failed to provide clear answers. 

Written by Sophie Blake


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