A banner ad is a graphical display ad unit which can be displayed on the top or bottom of the screen, or sticked to the whole screen. The most common pricing models for banner ads are CPM and CPC. Being the cheapest ad format, mobile banner ads are still very popular because of its ease of implementation.  

Mobile Banner Ad Sizes

Although it is possible to create custom sized banner ads, there are some standard banner size options to be used for app monetization. 

  • Standard Banner (320×50): The smallest size to be displayed at the top or bottom of the screen
  • Large Banner (320×90)
  • IAB Medium Rectangle Banner (300×250)
  • Smart Banner (320×50) & (728×90)
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Interactive Banner Ad Types

There are “much” interactive types of mobile banner ads that app developers consider to increase conversion. 

Expandable Banner Ads: These banner ads are ideal for mobile app developers who want to avoid being annoying to app users. In a typical expandable banner ad, there is a brand/app logo, and a  call to action text in a small rectangular banner along with an arrow that allows users to widen the banner to see the full message. 

Interactive Banner Ads: This banner ad type is designed to give more content that mobile app users can interact with in order to increase awareness and conversion. 

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