An advertisement unit is actually a sort of advertisement room, which app developers include right into their applications so as to show to mobile app users to monetize their traffic. There are actually various types of ad units such as interstitial ads, offerwall ads, playable ads, banner ads, and native ads.

Here is the complete list of the best mobile sizes. 

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    Spotify’s app update rejected by Apple over EU pricing information

    Spotify has hit another roadblock with Apple as the tech giant rejected its latest app update, which included pricing information for users in the European Union. The Swedish company submitted the new version of its iOS app with basic pricing and website information, a minimum requirement under the European Commission’s ruling in its music streaming […] More

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    The Best Weather Apps for iPhone

    The standard weather app on iPhones cannot meet the expectations of most people, so users prefer to turn to more detailed and accurate weather apps that will meet their needs. Apple also shut down its paid weather app DarkSky on January 1st, 2023. So what is the best weather app for iPhone that you can […] More

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    The 15 Best Games for iPad Pro

    With its stunning display, powerful hardware, and intuitive touch controls, the iPad Pro is not only a productivity powerhouse but also a gaming beast. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, the App Store offers a plethora of games that take full advantage of the iPad Pro’s capabilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll […] More

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